Btrack Global GPS Trackers

Tracker for Boda Boda Unleashed

Btrack Global GPS Trackers

We've95% Recovery Rate

Btrack Global GPS Trackers

We're known forReliability

Btrack Global GPS Trackers

We made sure its affordable

Why get one?

We have designed the most reliable tracker for a Boda Boda.

Cut off fuel from your phone

Yes, you can switch your Boda Boda from your phone

Track it in real time

Continuously track where it is

SMS, Android, Web

You can access from anywhere at any time

Playback Movement History

Playback movement history for upto 1 year

Best Customer Service

We boast of our excellent customer service

Strong Battery

For long run

Our Service

As Btrack, we strive to make sure you monitor and recover your Boda Boda very easily

12 Months Warranty

We will replace if its stops working within a year

24/7 Support

Incase of the unfortunate, just give us a call anytime

We love you

We will give you the best experience because we value you


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